Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter is back

After a day of rain (yes, rain in Minnesota in February!!!) on Tuesday, winter returned! Our trees are covered with ice. Some roads are, too!
I snapped a few photos with my phone.....all unedited.

Branches of this rose bush bend to the ground with all the snow and ice.

....a snowy swing

A snowy garden!

Trees around the garden and weathervane garden art....

Another garden and trees.
It's pretty But i'm hoping for sun and warm temps to melt it all soon! Especially to clear up the roads.
Happy Creating!


christi said...

i'm a native upstate new yorker. i've gone south for the winter,spring, summer and fall, 25 years and counting. so it's nice to see what i miss most and least about winter weather. thanks for sharing these today!

Christine said...

Wow that really is a lot of snow! Spring seems to have just sprung here! :)