Friday, January 27, 2012

Off to CHA!!!

Hello all!

I'm waiting to board my 1st flight on my way to Anaheim for CHA! So excited to be working at the Spellbinders booth this year!
I'll miss walking the show floor with Doreen & Kathy but this has been my goal for a very long time. Thanks Spellbinders!!!!!

I'll try to post more info whenever I have time.

Happy Creating!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spellbinders Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy Day 5

Welcome to the 5th day of the Spellbinders Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy!
Spellbinders™ Paper Arts is absolutely thrilled to bring you our largest product releases ever! These new collections are some of the most innovative and beautiful die cutting and embossing templates in the world! The Spellbinders Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy allows you a sneak peek of our introductions for the 2012 Winter Craft and Hobby Association trade show later this month.

Win today’s new Spellbinders products!

Be eligible to win the Grand Prize by entering each day, see the schedule below!
Enter my Blog Frenzy from 12:00 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) January 16, 2012 until 11:59 pm January 17, 2012.
Today’s participating Blog Frenzy includes my blog and Holly Simoni and Heidi Blankenship’s blogs.
You can enter yesterday’s blogs, Samantha Walker, Christine Emberson and Lesley Langdon through January 16 at 11:59 pm EST.
See the Spellbinders Blog for the complete schedule of designers and contest rules.

Thank you Spellbinders Paper Arts for sponsoring this contest!

Here are the new dies I’m introducing:

S5-111 Angle Approach MSRP: $ 29.99
1: 1 3/8”
2: 2 ¼”
3: 4”

E8-014 Classic Decorative Inserts Six
MSRP: $ 19.99
Butterflies: 7/8 x 8”
Flowers: 1 1/16 x 8”
Dots: 5/8 x 8”

I am honored to be introducing the new Cut • Fold • Tuck dies from Spellbinders! These European inspired designs create beautifully layered geometric designs in one pass through your die cutting machine! Simply fold the pieces, tuck them under and watch as the amazing designs develop! With multiple dies in each set, you can easily and quickly create different sized Cut Fold Tuck die cuts, or layer them for wonderful dimensional effects!

Watch this introductory video!

See this how-to video on the new Cut Fold Tuck dies:

Hello blog friends!!!

I’m so excited to be sharing these new Spellbinders shapes with you today!!!

S5-111 Angle Approach and E8-014 Classic Decorative Inserts Six

The new Spellbinders Shapeabilities Cut-Fold-Tuck die templates are so unique!  You’ll want to add them to your “Wish List” for sure!!!  I've had a lot of fun with S5-111 Angle Approach!

Look at the detail in E8-014 Classic Decorative Inserts Six! These are designed to coordinate with Spellbinders Edgeabilities® die templates that you may already have –E8-001 Classic Scallop, E8-003 Classic Triple Scallop or E8-004 Classic Ric Rac as well as the new E8-008 Classic Edges Two (see the reveal on Day 3 by Kazan Clark).

I’m also using the new Spellbinders S4-354 Splendid Circles (revealed by Latisha Yoast on Day 1) and EL-002 Regal  M-Bossabilities folder(See Day 2 reveal by Julie Overby) .

Let’s get to my project!

I designed a Mother’s Day card and coordinating box with S5-111 Angle Approach #2, 3 (#1 being the smallest). I used E8-014 Decorative Inserts Six – Dots along with E8-008 Classic Edges Two Triple Scallop.  I’m also using the new Spellbinders S4-354 Splendid Circles (revealed by Latisha Yoast on Day 1) and EL-002 Regal M-Bossabilities Folder (See Day 2 reveal by Julie Overby) .

I’ll start with the card directions!

Here’s all the Spellbinders die templates :

First, we’ll create the layers on the card front, and then I’ll show you how to make the Angle Approach medallion. Supply list is at the end.

Starting at the card bottom, I added a narrow strip of green, then a strip of dark pink. I stamped the verse with olive green ink on light pink cardstock and fastened it over the dark pink and green borders. All the paper sizes are listed below on the Supply List. 

Now, for the FUN parts!

First, I cut the triple scallop edge on a 4 ½ x 5 ½”piece of green cardstock. I aligned the edges of Classic Edges Two – Triple Scallop with the paper edge and centered and taped it in place.

Next, I cut the Dots. Again I used tape to keep the Classic Decorative Insert Six - Dots  from moving when passing through the Spellbinders Grand Calibur® machine.

Because many of the new Decorative Inserts are very detailed, it’s best to place it parallel to the long sides of the Cutting Plate.

Tip: This allows for even pressure throughout the cutting pass. When fed horizontally, or parallel to the short side of your cutting plates, you may need to add a shim. First, cut the Classic Decorative Insert vertically. If an area didn’t cut completely, add a paper or cardstock shim only at that section. Cut again, then emboss for a beautiful and intricate design!

Next, I cut the Classic Edges Two - Triple Scallop on a piece of dark pink cardstock. I used my green piece as a guide to cut the edge exactly the same. I removed the green piece before running it through the Grand Calibur machine.

Embossing comes next! I love the look of embossed paper! I’m really enjoying the new Spellbinders M-Bossabilities™ folders. Each one has two different embossing patterns!   I used EL-002 Regal M-Bossabilities on this card.

I centered the cardstock on the pattern from side to side. I’m embossing with my cardstock at a right angle to the folder because the pattern matches the scalloped edge better that way.  I’ve used 2 pieces of painter’s masking tape to mark the side to side placement. I’ve aligned the bottom edge so that I can see the embossing folder through the top holes only in the Dots pattern. I used 2 small pieces of removable tape at the top to keep it in place. Remove painter’s tape before embossing.

To use the M-Bossabilities folder in the Grand Calibur machine, I use the A-Base Plate, M-Bossabilities folder and the raspberry D-Adapter Plate. (Sometimes I use the pink B – Embossing Plate in place of the A- Base Plate if my paper is thick or I want a less defined pattern.)

Here you can see the wonderful embossed pattern! It fits so well with the decorative edge!

I threaded the silk ribbon through a darning needle to thread it through the top holes. Before taping the ends to the back, I added the dark pink scalloped edge piece. Then I glued the ribbon ends in back.  I adhered it to the card.
Here’s the completed card front without medallion!

Now, I’ll show you the medallion! It’s really easy!

These are all the pieces needed:
S5-111 Angle Approach #3 and another center cut and embossed on pink side of paper
S5-111 Angle Approach #2 cut and embossed on green side of paper
S4-126 Classic Squares SM #4 and S4-354 Splendid Circles # 3 and 4 cut and embossed from light pink cardstock

Double sided paper works so well for these “Cut-Fold-Tuck” shapes!

I like to fold all the edges that will be tucked first. Then I tuck them all.

I’ve made all the folds on both the square and star shape. I’ve also snipped out the center of the star shape and trimmed off the connecting paper. I’ll use it on top along with the second center shown on the side.

Next, I tucked all the folded pieces.

I’ve layered the star shape onto the light pink Splendid Circle. The square Angle Approach is first layered onto a light pink square and then onto the smaller Splendid Circle. I used the pink square first so all the open pattern would show pink through it. The Splendid Circle isn’t quite big enough to add color to all the corners. I’ve layered the 2 centers, one green side up and outside one with pink side up, and fastened with a Glue Dot.  I added a pink pearl to the center.

The finished medallion! The square is fastened with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L® 3D Foam Squares. I used a Mini Glue Dot for the center.
Add it to the card front to finish it!

Card Supplies:
Spellbinders Products:
E8-014 Classic Decorative Inserts Six - Dots
E8-008 Classic Edges Two – Triple Scallop
EL-002 Regal M-Bossabilities Folder
S4-354 Splendid Circles #3, 4
S5-111 Angle Approach #2, 3
S4-128 Classic Squares SM #4
GC-001 Grand Calibur® Machine
Cardstock pieces needed:
White cardstock – 9 x 6 ½”
Bazzill Spring Breeze (green) –5/8 x 4 ½” and 4 ½ x 5 ½”
Bazzil Chablis (dk. pink) – 3/8 x 4 ½”
Bazzill Prismatics Iced Pink – 1 ½ x 4 ½”
KaiserCraft Mini Clear Stamp set – Occasions
KaiserCraft Chanteuse Eco paper
Want2Scrap Pearls – Pink
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L – 3D Foam Squares
Glue Dots – Mini Glue Dots
Olive Green Ink
Pink Silk Ribbon

Do you really want to know how to make the box, too???

Okay….here goes!

I’ll start with the box itself first.

I cut and embossed one LF-007 Hexagon Envelope of green cardstock and one of pink cardstock.   I added Scor-Tape to the flaps of the pink one for the box bottom.

I cut 2 – 2 ¼ x 7” strips of green cardstock. I scored each one at 2 ¼”, 4 ½” and 6 ¾”, which leaves a ¼” flap. I folded all score lines. I glued the 2 strips together with the ¼” flaps to form my box walls.

I set this onto the pink hexagon base and fastened all the sides with the Scor-Tape.  I’ve distressed the edges a little bit with Pumice Stone ink before assembling it.

The box top is held together with little circles cut with a die template from S5-072 Blossom Tags and Accents. (Tip: The little circle from S4-354 Splendid Circles could be used instead.) These are cut from the green side of the KaiserCraft Eco paper.   I’ve rubbed on a little Pumice Stone ink on all the edges of the top, too.

I placed the box top on the bottom and put a rubber band around the top edge to hold it together. I added the little circles with Memory Glue Dots. Once all the circles were in place, I took the box top off and pressed each circle firmly in place. I added a medium pink pearl to the center of each circle.

Now, we’ve come to the most involved part!!!

The dimensional Angle Approach piece for the top! It takes a little patience to make the folds. After that, it’s not too hard!

These are the pieces needed. You can see the dimensional piece is already folded and shaped. I’ll take you through those steps next.

I’m switching colors for this step! I forgot to take photos as I made the piece I used on the box so I recreated the steps in a different color paper. I didn’t have enough of the pink and green.

The dimensional shape starts with 2 - Angle Approach #3 shapes folded and glued together. I removed the center from both just as I did for the card. I also scored from each point across to the other point all around the shape. The top shape is scored in the photo.

I folded all the angle pieces up just as for the card. I did not tuck them!

I also folded the “tuck” piece down. Hard to explain that in words! The open angle is folded up and the sold part is folded down on the score line. I did this on both shapes.

I cut each one apart.   Next I matched 2 points together on top and folded it along the bottom.  There’s one done in this photo, lower right corner. The points are together on top. I repeated this all around for each one.

Both pieces are folded and ready to glue. I lapped a point on each end to glue them together. I cut off the under open angle piece so it wasn’t double thick.

Now it forms a circle again.

Now I’m back to the actual box photos!

To assemble the box top, I cut and embossed a light pink Splendid Circles #4. I centered the #2 Splendid Circles die template on it and traced the center opening with a pencil. This will be my guide when I glue the medallion on.

I used craft glue in a ring about ¼” from the drawn circle. Beacon Craft Glue works great for gluing as it sets up fast! I laid the dimensional Angle Approach circle on the glue and squished it smaller so the center aligned with the pencil line. I arranged it as even as possible, and held it in place until the glue set up.

The assembly of the square Angle Approach for on top is the same as for the card (see above). To fasten it to the box, I used a stack of Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L – 3D Foam Squares (3 or 4) in the center.

Voila! It’s done.

Box Supplies:
Spellbinders Products:
S4-354 Splendid Circles #3, 4
S5-111 Angle Approach #2, 3
LF-007 Hexagon Envelope
S5-072 Blossom Tags and Accents
S4-128 Classic Squares SM #4
GC-001 Grand Calibur® Machine
Other supplies:
Bazzill Spring Breeze
Bazzil Chablis
Bazzill Prismatics Iced Pink
KaiserCraft Chanteuse Eco paper
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L – 3D Foam Squares
Glue Dots – Mini Glue Dots
Want2Scrap Pearls – Pink
Scor-Pal and Scor-Tape
Beacon Craft Glue
Pumice Stone ink

Here's another card that’s similar in design yet totally different in color. There are 2 - S5-111 Angle Approach shapes that make up the medallion on this card. Can you pick them out?

I’ll post directions for this card soon.

Thank you so much for getting this far on this post!!! It’s a long one!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coming soon - Spellbinders Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy

It will be here very soon!  The Spellbinders Blog Frenzy starts on January 12th!!!!  You won't want to miss it!  Lots of new die templates will be revealed with projects by many designers!!!!  And you have a chance to win each days' new die templates by sending an email!  You'll find a link to the rules on every designer's post. 

My day is Monday, January 16th!  I have a really unique new die template to reveal!  Just saying, you'll want to be here!!!

Until then.......
Happy Creating!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spellbinders Second Round

My apologies everyone for a blank post today!!!! 
I wrote a short post early this morning and published it.  Then I decided to edit it a bit. I have no idea what happened when I published it again!  The post vanished!  No draft, nothing!

My post was to let you all know that I made the 2nd Round in the Spellbinders 2012 Design Team contest!  Whew!!!  Happy to be among the 26 selected!!!!  Our next
round submission is due in early February.  I'll be working on ideas for it as soon as I finish my CHA projects! 

Yes, I've been quite busy.....too busy in fact.  I was counting on January to slow down.  Well, not yet! 

We had an awesome day here for January 10th!  This is southwest Minnesota and we have no snow!  None whatsoever!!!
I'm loving the easy travel!
 In fact today, it was almost 60 degrees!  Absolutely incredible! 

Here's a few memory jogger photos of the awful winter we had last year!!!

This photo is from the last day of December in 2010.  We had lots of snow, terrible roads.  It was a challenge to get to work or home most days! 

The road past our place on January 13, 2011!  Good to remember.  Makes me so happy we don't have to fight it this year.....not yet anyway!

This is one of the tunnels I drove through about a half mile from my house.  The dark spot in the distance is our grove.

Counting my blessings that this winter is sooo very nice!!! 

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a prosperous and creative 2012!
For me, it's "Christmas" this weekend! We'll be gathering at my parents home later today. Two of my three children will be there! Looking forward to spending time with them all! It's especially fun to have my grandchildren here!!
Blessings to you in 2012!