Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm in Ohio!

Hi, everybody!

I'm in Colombus Ohio at the Arnold Classic. My daughter is competing in the pro-women's body building competition. Pre-judging was okay. She would like to have finished better. We're going to the evening show shortly. The final results will be announced then. It's on live tonight.
She's happy with the experience. She's one of 15 in the world to make the competition!
We're so proud of her!

Gotta go now!


Holly - Wild Wyoming Art Cafe' said...

OMG Judy!!! What an awesome accomplishment for your daughter!!! It takes a lot of discipline and determination to make it that far! Awesome! Cheering for her to win tonight!

Diane S. said...

Please let us know how she does-I was a competitive BB once upon a time-competed in the NPC nationals one time-trained for 10 years-never got to the Arnold but I know how much work it is! Good luck to your daughter!

Margie H said...

WOW!! Such an accomplishment - you must be SO PROUD, Judy! Hope she did well tonight :)