Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fleur de Lis Pendant

You've probably noticed I've been dabbling in jewelry making!  Perhaps a bit more than dabbling!  Since Spellbinders™  released their new Media Mixage™ line, I've been doing more jewelry making than stamping! 
Here's a Fleur de Lis pendant that I made for a friend.  Actually, I made one for myself first.  Then I made 2 more for friends who liked it so well.  You may have seen it on Facebook.  Cindy Alexander posted a photo when she got the package.

The base of this pendant is the smallest one in Spellbinders MB2-007S Fleur de Lis set of bezels. It comes in bronze or dark silver. What makes it so easy to add a shaped insert in the bezel is that there are matching dies!  Each a perfect fit for the bezels!  The Fleur de Lis bezel die is MD1-011.

I've cut a piece pink craft foil to fit in this pendant.  I first adhered the foil to a piece of adhesive backed black craft foam.  I often do that when I'm working with foil.  It gives it body and dimension.  The sticky back foam works so well!  Then I cut and embossed the foil.  Because the craft foam compresses as it goes through the Artisan X-Plorer™, the thickness is no problem.    Because I wanted the pink insert to be about level with the bezel edges, I cut another piece of craft foam, no foil, to place in the bottom of the bezel.  So there's 2 layers of the foam with the top piece having foil on it.  I sanded the foil to take off the pink on the embossed areas and fastened a cubic zirconia crystal to the center.   My next step was to mix ICE Resin® and fill the bezel.  It's so easy with the syringe dispenser from ICE Resin, no measuring!  The hardest part is waiting for it to cure!   I usually pour it in the evening and by the next day it's hard. 
To finish the pendant, I added 3 little pink crystals at the bottom.  I used silver colored Artistic Wire to make eye pins and wire wrap the beads to the fleur de lis.  I think the wire was 22 or 24 gauge.  I could have easily used purchased eye-pins.  For me, the wire was easier to find and I have more color choices!
Because I sent this pendant was a gift, I wanted something cool to package it in!  So I made one of my fabric pockets, this time out of denim from an old worn pair of jeans. (you can see another pocket of new denim on this post)   
 I tore the denim to about 4 x 9 1/2" leaving the jeans hem as the edge for the pocket flap.  The edges are glued with Fabri-Tac glue to form the pocket.   I glued a piece of pink satin ribbon across the top and made faux stitches with a marker.  No sewing!!! The little fleur de lis is again foil over craft foam with another craft foam fleur de lis behind it. That one is cut with the medium size die. I trimmed the "wings" a little to fit the smaller one better.  I actually coated it with ICE Resin, too, just a thin layer rubbed on it.  It stiffened the foam and sealed it. There's a jump ring at the top to hang it from the cord.  I made 2 more pink crystal beads with wire loops to add to the cord.  These could easily be added to earring wires (I tucked earring wires inside for Cindy) to have matching earrings!  Or hung on the chain with the pendant!

 This was a fun gift package to make!  and give!

  • Supplies:
  • Spellbinders Artisan X-Plorer maching
  • Spellbinders MB2-007S Fleur de Lis (bezels)
  • Spellbinders MD1-011 Fleur de Lis (dies)
  • Spellbinders F-014 Delicate Pastels craft foil
  • ICE Resin
  • Cubic Zirconia crystal
  • Black craft foam
  • Pink Crystal beads
  • Artistic Wire Silver 22 gauge wire
  • Silver Cord
  • Pink Satin Ribbon
  • Pink Silk Ribbon
  • Scrap of old denim jeans
  • Beacon Adhesives - Fabri-Tac Glue
  • Chain


Margie H said...

Hmm...I'm thinking you need to open a story to sell your cold stuff...in your spare time, of course! LOL!!! Habe a great week, Judy xo

Margie H said...

...have a great week! LOL!!