Monday, December 10, 2012

Crafting with my granddaughter

My granddaughter, Alyssa, and I spent Sunday afternoon crafting! There was a blizzard raging outside but we were cozy inside.

This is one of our projects - doll shoes made of Crayola Color Wonder air dry clay.

Our inspiration was sparked by a need to use some clay. Otherwise it would all dry up since the package was open, according to Alyssa. We powdered the doll's feet and shaped the clay around her feet. Then we gently pulled the shoes off to dry. Alyssa added the "buttons" of clay and soles later.

The shoes are so cute!!!
Alyssa thought of adding the dots and colored soles!

We also did some sewing (mostly I sewed and Alyssa helped with fabrics and patterns). She went home with new pajamas, socks, blanket and pillow for her doll.

We sure enjoyed that blizzard! It gave us more time to play!

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Margie H said...

Oh, how fun! I want to come over and hang out with you all! What a productive & crafty day ;0)

Bev said...

Hi Judy,
First of all, Your Grand Daughter looks like a real Cutie.

Hi Judy,
Not sure what Happened but I think my Comment somehow went through before I had Finished writing it.
I was saying that your Grand Daughter is a Cutie Pie and that all the things that you made for the Doll are Adorable. I So wish that I could SEW. Alas It is something I have just NEVER been able to Master but My Grandchildren both the Girls and Boys LOVE to Craft with me. It's such precious time together as I know that at least there will come a day when the Boys will Probably no longer be wanting to do this.
Kind Regards To You,

Quietfire said...

Oh the shoes are just cute as a button. And so is your grand-daughter! What a wonderful day!

Cathy said...

Judy, so wonderful you get to spend such quality time with your granddaugher, I too am making doll clothes for my grand daughters but don't get the joy of doing it with them, what fun the clay shoes must have been. Just dropped by to see what beautiful things you were making and really enjoyed viewing this. Hugs Cathy

Elizabeth Allan said...

Judy your talents as a seamstress as amazing! By chance will you be making these shoes in size 8?