Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Blue Green Goddess

No more Splendid Circles today!!!  Hope you enjoyed the different ways to use them!

I have a totally different project to share today!!!!  I've been waiting to share this project!

I created this goddess for CHA using Julianna Hudgins' Jewel Goddess die template by Spellbinders. This was a work of joy!  Totally fun for me to work with fabric and Spellbinders die templates!!!

I cut this goddess on the diagonal from natural canvas. Cutting it on the diagonal helps the shape be more curvy!  If it was cut on the straight grain, it would be more flat even when stuffed.
I coated the canvas with white Gesso.  That stiffened the fabric and made a good base for my color.  It also prevents the edges from fraying.

The color is many layers of Cosmic Shimmer watercolors (Lavender Shine, Holly Leaf) painted on plus Bronze Blush Shimmer Mist. The swirls were created with Cosmic Shimmer drawing ink. I sprayed it all with a clear sealer when I was happy with color.  Because all the colors are water based, any moisture could make them run if they weren't sealed! 
Love this color combination!  Believe me I had no intention of addinng the green netting when I started.  That is not a favorite color of mine.  It just turned out that I had that color netting!  It worked!

I added the ribbon loops and netting to the front and back before I put the goddess together. I gathered the netting and sewed it on top of the goddess.  The ribbon is one continuous piece that I looped and sewed in place over the netting.  Oh, I colored the silk ribbon (from Creative Impressions), too!!! It matches that way!

I added the gold trim after the goddess was completely together. All pieces were cut from Spellbinders Precious Metals Premium Craft Foil.  The two anchor pieces at the top edges of the skirt are the corner piece in Persian Accents.  I trimmed off one of the elements on each edge.  Those little pieces are what's along the ribbon. (I cut many more, of course!)  I slid each one under the netting edge, glued in place with Beacon Quick Grip.  The back does not have them!

For the top, I twisted 2 pieces of 24 gauge gold Artistic Wire together.  I shaped it with a loop at the top and curved it to match the goddess top.  The ends (hidden inside) have a loop shape to keep them from pulling out.  After the goddess was completely together, I tied a strip of netting and a piece of ribbon around the loop.  The little gem hanging from the ribbon was cut from gold craft foil, too.  It's a shape from Jewel Goddess.  I added a gold gem to it!  Perfect for a necklace!!!

My next step was to sew her together. I marked the wire placement and stitched just the very top edge together. Then I put the wire in place, adding some Quick Grip glue to the ends to keep them in place. I stitched below the wire to the top of the skirt on each side.  I did not stitch over the wire.  If you look closely you can see a tiny gap in the stitching.

I added all the gems once the assembly was done.  Most are Imaginisce Heat Set Crystals applied with the I-Rock tool.  I filled in with a few other crystals from my stash.  I colored a few of the clear ones with blue and green Copic markers. 

I even made the stand!  Yes, a little obsessed!!!!  It certainly would have been easier to use a wood base but I couldn't find one in any store near me.  This base is made of several layers of foam core cut into circles and glued together.  I filled the edges with light weight spackle.  I painted it with Gesso and colored it Cosmic Shimmer watercolors. It's sprayed with a clear sealer, too.  The post is 2 strips of a twisted wood trim that I had in my stash.  I discovered if I glued it together back to back it created a nice spiral dowel!  I wrapped more of the gold wire from end to end fitting it into the grooves. 

The goddess is stuffed with fiberfill.  She basically just sets on the post.  I added Beacon Fabri-Tac to the post to keep her from coming apart easily.

I hope enjoyed this goddess project!  I sure enjoyed making it!  May it inspire you to try cutting fabric or felt with you Spellbinders!!!!

Happy creating!


S4-363 Jewel Fantasies
S5-078 Persian Accents
S5-079 Persian Motifs
LF-013 Jewel Goddess
LF-114 Grand Circles
F-012 Precious Metals Premium Craft Foils Assortment
Spellbinders™ Grand Calibur® Machine
Imaginisce, Green, Clear Heat Set Crystals, I-Rock Tool
Cosmic Shimmer, Lavender Shine, Holly Leaf Pearlescent Watercolors, Bronze Blush Shimmer Mist
Creative Impressions, ½" White Silk Ribbon
Artistic Wire, Gold 24 Gauge Wire
Beacon Adhesives, Quick Grip, Fabri-Tac Glue
White Canvas
Blue, Brown Markers
Green Nylon Net
White Fiberfill
White Light Weight Spackle
Clear Matte Sealer
White Foam Core Board
Spiral Wood Trim


Anita Braddock said...

Wow how beautiful love the color and the added bling and tool. thanks for sharing.

Marisa Job said...

This is amazing! Just beautiful, it reminds me of my fashion design classes when I was in college. Hugs!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Innovative creativeness!

Thickness said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL creation, MOMMA!! I'm soo proud of you!! YOU inspire me every day of my be the best I can be in ALL that I do!