Monday, February 21, 2011

Answer to an embossing question

I had a question in the comments yesterday about what I used for the embossed pattern on my anniversary ensemble. I forgot to mention it in my post. 
For embossing, I used Spellbinders 12-1014 Fleur de Lis Impressabilities.  It's one of my favorite patterns. To get a smooth border at the edge of a die cut, I run it through my Grand Calibur with the die template in place. For directions for embossing with the Grand Calibur, click here!  You'll find the directions and FAQs for numerous other die cutting machines on the Spellbinders website. Just click here!   (Lots of information under "How To" -> FAQ" at the top of the Spellbinders page.)

I started this post this morning and then decided to do some step out photos of embossing.

For my sample, I chose 2 dies to create a frame.  I'm using Spellbinders LF-190 Grand Labels Four #2 and S4-138 Petite Ovals LG #3.  The paper happens to be Bazzill so I'm using the backside without texture as the face.  I normally tape my die templates in place to keep them from moving when I run them through the Grand Calibur.

Next step is to emboss the pattern.  You can see I've kept the die templates in place around the die cut paper.  I placed the Spellbinders 12-1014 Fleur de Lis Impressabilities on the A-Base Plate (gray background).  Then I laid the die templates(cutting edges up) with paper over it.  I've used a couple little pieces of removable tape to keep the paper in the die templates.  To emboss, I placed the tan embossing mat and B-Embossing Plate on top. 

After I ran it through the Grand Calibur, the pattern is pressed into the paper.  The edges are defined by the smooth edge of the die template.  It's really quite an easy process.

I often mist the paper lightly with water before embossing.  The paper will take the impression better so the pattern is more defined.

Here's a way to really make the pattern pop!

Simply rub ink over the raised areas.  Distress ink pads work well for this because the pad is flat and fairly hard.  A soft pad will leave more ink in the impressions.  Another optin is to ink the Impressabilities before embossing.  It's a little messier that way but the results are great!

To use window screen for embossing, place the screen on the A-Base Plate.  Repeat the same layering of die templates with paper in place, tan embossing mat, and B-Embossing Plate.  Any thin product with texture will work.  Experiment!  It's so fun! 
I love the texture of burlap, too!

I hope I've inspired you to try embossing with your die cutting machine.  This works with most die cutting machines as long as you have a tan embossing mat.  Ask for it at you LSS or order one from Spellbinders here.

Have fun creating!

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Colorado Crafter said...

Thanks so much for answering my question and also for more tips on embossing. I love embossing so much but have not tried using the Impressabilities yet. I own a few of them so need to take them out of the package and put them to work.