Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Surprise Party!

My friends at Fond Memories surprised me with a party on Monday night!  As you can see, we were at the store.  I had no idea, not a clue!  It was so fun!  The cake was delicious!  Umm good, the frosting was unbelievable!  Thanks Baiba! 

Baiba, me, Doreen, Kathy, Mary Jo, Dianne

We had planned a mini class that night to teach Doreen and Mary how to solder.  They wanted to learn to make soldered charms.  I set up my stuff and then wandered through the store to see if I'd missed anything new.  We were waiting for Doreen who had been to market with Kathy.  SO the story went!!!  Baiba stopped in. I thought nothing of it.  She often stops.  Then Dianne came in.  I thought it a bit odd that she would stop so close to closing....  I assumed she wanted to talk to Kathy.  Then Mary Jo showed up.......she had a good excuse as I had told her she could come watch Doreen and Mary try soldering. Baiba left and came back with some excuse.....funny to think of it now!   Finally, Doreen and Kathy got there.  Doreen didn't seem too excited to get started with our mini class.......I did think that a bit odd.  Oh well, I thought she probably needs a little transition time.
That's when they brought out the cake!!!  Doreen had promised me that if I made the Spellbinders Design Team we were going to have a party!   She did good!!!  Thanks, Doreen!  What a special time!  The glow is still with me.  Thank you for being such special friends! 
Mary, of course, took the group photo. 

Luckily I had my camera.....  I managed to catch her with Doreen as everyone gave me a toast.

After all the fun, Doreen and Mary learned a few soldering tips.  They each made a little charm to hang on necklace. 
What a night!  Thanks girls!!! It was so much fun.  I was totally surprised!  Smiles to all of you!

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