Monday, December 28, 2009

It Snowed...

....and snowed, and snowed....

The sun finally came out today! Hooray!

We have had snow since last Wednesday, December 23. I know it's over 18"! The good thing is that it wasn't was even above 32 on Christmas Day.
These 3 photos show the snow on our truck and car as the snow progressed. It's a little hard to see the changes....the 1st photo shows a bit of the bumper on the car near the shed, then less and finally on Saturday, the bumper wasn't visible.

Late Christmas Day I went outside to check for snow on our satelite dish......internet service was so slow. I thought perhaps the dish had snow on luck, it was clear. Must have been all the other snowed in people surfing the web.....
The snow was perfect for making a snow man.....what fun!
(He does have 2 is covered with snow)
We didn't leave home until Sunday morning when we ventured out to church. The snow plow went by so we thought it was okay. We made it out but snow was drifting into the tracks. Coming home was not so good. More drifting had filled in the tracks. We got stuck! It was only .4 mile from home. We walked home and came back with the tractor to open the road. We just got the car shoveled out when the snow plow came back.....if only he'd been a bit earlier.
We woke to more snow this morning with blowing and drifting. We hadn't had much wind all during the huge snow fall. When the wind blows, huge drifts form on our country road. Thank goodness I had today off from work (I had planned to spend time with family in northern Minnesota. So much for plans! ). At least I didn't have to try get through the snowy road.
Yeah! The snow plow went by again this afternoon! The wind and snow have stopped. It's like being set free!

As for stamping......I did some yesterday. It's not quite ready to share.
Until next time......smiles to you!

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