Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Postal Retirement Ornament

Today was the last day of work for many of my fellow postmasters.  Due to changes in structure and size of small Post Offices, many postmasters were forced to find a larger office to manage or retire.  Many of us like our small town offices and don't want to work in a large office.  So many of my postmaster friends said "goodbye" to their postal careers.  I wish them well in their retirement! 
This is an ornament I made for one of them commemorating her 35 year career.
I added bits and pieces of postal memorabilia in a bezel and sealed it in Ice Resin.  Small red and blue beads dangle at the bottom, hidden by the bow in this photo.  I even made the tiny mail box out of craft aluminum.  Inside is a tiny envelope with retirement wishes on it! It was fun to make. She loved it!

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