Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Wish

......come true......
A snowstorm too bad for travel! And I was home!

Yeah! I wanted a day off.

The good part, I had someone who could work for me so I could stay home. I didn't even try to get there...

It started with about 6-8" of snow yesterday. Very pretty snow - fluffy, sparkly and oh so white. There was hardly a breeze to move it! Amazing in SW Minnesota.

Today was a completely different story. Lots of wind to blow all that fluffy white stuff.
As you can see in my photos, visibility wasn't good. I took these photos through my window.....way too cold to go outside! I could see about .2 of a mile.
Looking out past the barn seemed to be a wall of white! The NW wind whips around the trees there.
Not much visibility on the south side of the barn either.....
So I stayed home and relaxed...pampered myself a bit.

I baked a special cake.....Raspberry Walnut Torte! Oh so good! It's one of my favorites.

The occasion???
My day to celebrate......another year, another birthday!

I spent a little time creating this of my favorite things to do.
I created this for a friend but it's seems appropriate here today.
I embossed the letters in red craft foil that was already embossed with Impressabilities patterns. I rubbed the color off the letters and added a hint of color with Archival Coffee ink. I simply cut the balloons out of scraps of foil, shaped them and added color with Adirondack markers (alcohol based). They're popped up with layers of foam. I created a little shadow box out of Imaginisce scrapbook paper. The metallic accent on the edges is silver EP.
........just plain fun!
I'm hoping it gets me inspired to complete some of the projects that are due next week........
I'll need to focus this weekend!
Thanks for visiting! I hope you're somewhere warm and cozy!
smiles to you.......

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Diana said...

Beautiful photos. Project 365 going on over at my blog. Check it out!