Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snow... of the joys of living in Minnesota. Even worse living in the country.
We've been blessed with lots of snow this winter. Many rural roads have been drifted shut lots of days with very strong winds to blow all the snow.

Last Tuesday, my husband & I weren't able to get home after winds blew drifting snow all day. Our road was completely plugged. We stayed with my parents who live a mile from us as the crow flies or 3 miles on the road.

On Wednesday, when we were able to get home after work, our road was like a tunnel in places.
This snowplow was working on an intersection about a mile west of our place. When I came through this intersection (from the right on the photo)it was so narrow I didn't try to make the turn. Instead I went straight through a short ways and turned around. It was easier to make the turn from that direction. This plow widened it out after I got home.
My view of the road once I made the turn. Our place is ahead on the left of the road.

.....a little further into the tunnel. Plenty of snow on the road yet.

I walked back to the tunnel to take all these photos after I got home. I didn't dare stop when I was driving! I set my self timer to get this photo. I'm 5' 2". The banks were well over me.

At this point I wasn't sure if I would run into that snow bank I got closer I could see the opening curved to the left.

......through the tunnel and nearing home.

......very close to home.

I was so glad to get there. Looking beyond our place the road looks's not. About 1/2 mile ahead the snow is 3-4' deep between the snow banks. The township has decided not to open that portion of the road. Frustrating to me as I drive that way to get to detour is an extra 4 miles. I remind myself to be thankful that we can get out and get back home!

My snowman had a new shape after the snow blew so hard. Quite a "hair do", huh?

Since I took all the snow photos, a bulldozer widened the "tunnel". All the snow banks have been pushed out into the surrounding fields. We had strong winds on Saturday but the drifts didn't build up on the road.......thank goodness.

* * * * * * *

All the snow inspired me to create this card.

The covered bridge stamp is from Artistic Outpost's Old Grist Mill . I water colored it with pale shades of gray and brown and a touch of blue in the sky. I added white Flower Soft for snow and sprayed it with White Marshmallow Glimmer Mist. I couldn't quite capture that in the photo. There are snowflakes (from AO Snowy Woods) on the card front embossed with Polysparkle EP (not very visible either). The verse is just a portion of a stamp from AO Home. The "snow" shows up a bit more in the close up below....

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Cathy's Artwork said...

When I saw this card I thought it was a photograph. Great job coloring & I love the white snow you have added. Great dimension and very realistic.

Cathy in AZ