Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hurray for Sunshine

What a joy to have sunshine and warm weather!

We have had rain and clouds and below normal temps for most of September and October, even temps in the 20s.
Today, it was 62 degrees! I was almost hot as I worked outside to put some garden things away. Definitely not complaining! It was finally warm enough to roll up my garden hose!

Once I finished my winterizing chores, I grabbed my new camera to capture some of the fall colors. The barberry bushes are so bright out among the brown leaves and tree trunks!

All these photos were taken out in my shade garden usually green with hostas now all frozen and covered with leaves.

This tiny barberry seemed so bright against the old logs, rocks and leaves.

Tiny red berries of this barberry stand out against a Lamium plant (one of the few green plants left).

These purplish blue berries are from a Solomon's Seal plant. They are so striking against the bright barberry leaves.

....a bright lime heuchera still vibrant among the leaves....

Another heuchera with deep pink undersides on it's leaves, almost buried in brown tree leaves.

A few sun garden photos.........

.....late fall colors of Autumn Joy sedum. I love how this plant holds it's shape all winter.

These 2 mum flowers survived the frost next to the a flash of color in the drab surroundings.

This is a garlic chives seed head. The flowers are so pretty......very white and airy. I even like the seed heads for winter garden interest but the seeds grow everywhere. Most years I cut them back.......maybe with some nice November weather I'll get that done yet.

I hope you enjoyed this peak at the colors of my fall garden. It was so nice to be outside on this warm November 1st.

.......more stamp art next time....



P.S. Blogger wasn't cooperating with me in lining up these photos.............who knows how it will look when I publish this.

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