Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sky Act

I've been working on projects for a new Artistic Outpost release scheduled for next week. So sad but I can't post any of them yet! That means I haven't had time to create anything else to share.

Instead I have some photos of our entertainment after supper! As you can see we're easily entertained!

This crop dusting plane was spraying the weeds in the pasture near our house.
The farmland around our place is owned & farmed by my Dad. The field under the plane belongs to him but not the grain bins in the background.
The farmstead where I grew up is just a mile across the field from where I live now. Our place has belonged to someone in my Mom's family since about 1920...... it's getting close to a century farm now.
I was outside with my camera taking photos of some of my spring flowers when this plane was swooping over the pasture less than a 1/4 mile away at the closest point. Since he was so close, I decided to snap a few photos. I usually don't have much luck taking photos of moving things so I was thrilled with how well these photos turned out using my "sport" setting.
......and another pass....

.........a high turn preparing for another swoop close to the earth......

It was fascinating to watch him make pass after pass to cover all the pasture land.

I'll try hard to get something pertaining to stamping to post soon!

Until then, enjoy the little things!